This course will allow students to:
1. Explore a career of interest
2. Gain “on the job” experience
3. Network with professionals
4. Cover several components of Grad Transitions 12 to include:
• 80 hours work experience
• Resume writing
• Interview skills
The course consists of:
• 30 hours of employment skills
• 100 hours of work experience
Work experience job placement possibilities include:
Focus Area
Business & Applied Business
Office Assistant, Sales Person, Realtor, Financial Planner, Accounting.
Fitness & Recreation
Recreation Director, Coach, Teacher, Trainer/Fitness Consultant, Youth Leader, Sports Therapist, Community Public Relations.
Fine Arts, Design & Media
Educational Assistant, Back Stage Theatre Work, Make-up Artist, Face Painting, Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Film and TV, Back Stage Supervisors, Seniors Home recreational/Music Therapy.
Health & Human Services
Teacher, Daycare Provider, Education Assistant, Therapeutic Riding Coach, Youth Group Leader, Police Officer. Lawyer, Child & Youth Care Worker.
Liberal Arts & Humanities
Librarian, Anthropologist, Language Teacher, Museum Worker, Public Relations, Journalist.
Tourism, Hospitality & Foods
Travel Counselling, Tourism Management, Event Planner, Hotel Manager, Professional Cooks.
Science & Applied Science
Small/Large Animal Veterinarian, Animal Care, Optometrist, Fisheries, Medical Equipment, Dentistry, Lab Work, Pharmacy, Physiotherapist, Sports Therapy, Horticulture, Dairy & Cattle Research.
Trades & Technology
Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, Landscaper, Welder, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Engineer, Mechanic, Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Meat Cutter, Computer Technician, Drafting.