Banquet & Dance

Date: June 26th, 2019
Time: 4:30pm 
Cost: $100, tickets can be purchased online or in the office.
Theme: Glow
Location: Prospera Centre

***Please note, the menu posted on the tickets is incorrect. Click to view the correct menu.

Students should arrive by 430pm. The group photo is at 5pm, check-in is at 5:30pm, and the program starts at 6pm. (Subject to change). The last day to purchase tickets is June 20th.

Guest Passes: 
Applications for the Banquet & Dance will need to be approved by Administration, and it is not guaranteed that applications will be approved.  As the Grad Banquet and Dance is the culminating social event of the grade 12 year, school administration has a responsibility to ensure that all guests in attendance will conduct themselves appropriately, be respectful to all other graduates and guests, and comply with requests/follow direction from school staff. 

Please note:

All guests must be a secondary student (grades 10-12) from the Chilliwack School District. 

All guests will be required to have a character reference from an SD#33 school principal or vice-principal. 

All guests will be required to bring a piece of photo ID for entrance into the event.

For all grad functions outside of the City of Chilliwack, transportation will be provided by the School District, and it is expected that the guest will use the provided transportation.

Any grad bringing a guest to the Banquet that is NOT in grade 12 at Chilliwack Secondary School will require an approved guest pass. You can find guest passes near the student phone by the office or click HERE to print one. Submit your pass to the office for approval, once approved you will receive instructions on how to purchase your guest ticket.

For information on how to borrow a dress for FREE check out The Prom Shop's flyer.

To recieve $20 off a tux rental or purchase, click here for more information.

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Student Dress Code

As a school, we are a place of business and students are expected to demonstrate good judgment in terms of appropriate dress. While on school property, students may not wear clothing that makes graphic or verbal reference to sex, drugs, alcohol or that is violent or discriminatory in nature. Students are to not wear clothing that is overly revealing.  Some examples of clothing that may not be acceptable are, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps and low necklines. In addition, shirts should be worn, and underwear should be covered.

Code of Conduct

The School Community at Chilliwack Secondary is encouraged to act in a responsible and socially acceptable manner.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for the optimum learning experience for all our students and staff in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

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