Flex is a 1-hour block of time, two days per week, where students have the opportunity to take learning into their own hands.


  • Student Choice

  • Time to Dig Deeper Into a Topic of Interest

  • Study Time

  • Extra Time to Facilitate Understanding

  • ​Try Something New


Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:38 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.

Click here for the current bell schedule

The Student Selection Timeline can be viewed by clicking here


  • Flex is a requirement, not an option

  • You will be in class and participating, not wandering the halls

  • You should be engaged in the activity

  • You must attend the session you have chosen or been assigned to

  • Late/Absences are treated the same as regular classes. Attendance is mandatory

  • If you don’t make a selection, the computer will choose for you

  • Take advantage of the wide variety of choices - this is an opportunity for you to have control over your learning

Students can view the Flex Training Video anytime by logging into their Moodle account

Parents can view our information letter here

Click here to view some Frequently Asked Questions about Flex

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Information & Announcements

Student Dress Code

As a school, we are a place of business and students are expected to demonstrate good judgment in terms of appropriate dress. While on school property, students may not wear clothing that makes graphic or verbal reference to sex, drugs, alcohol or that is violent or discriminatory in nature. Students are to not wear clothing that is overly revealing.  Some examples of clothing that may not be acceptable are, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps and low necklines. In addition, shirts should be worn, and underwear should be covered.

Code of Conduct

The School Community at Chilliwack Secondary is encouraged to act in a responsible and socially acceptable manner.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for the optimum learning experience for all our students and staff in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

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