The Human Services Career Enrichment Program is a community approach to educating our youth and young adults. It aims to put into practice the belief that it takes a “community to raise a child”. 

Our goal is to create a reciprocal learning environment where CSS, UFV, BBBS and elementary students are learning together through relevant, engaging real life experiences. The design of the program allows students to grow in their knowledge, establish meaningful relationships, impact the lives of others and be transformed by being a mentor.

Through this program we aim to promote school and community engagement, provide enrichment opportunities, increased school completion rates for both high school and university students and increase transition rates to post-secondary school.


Grade 10: 8 credits – two courses:

  • Course Work: Foundations of Psychology 11 (aka: Psychology 10) – 4 credits
  • Applied Work: Sessions in Applied Psychology 10 – 4 credits (off-timetable)

Grade 11: 8 credits – two courses:

  • Course Work: Psychology 11 – 4 credits
  • Applied Work: Sessions in Applied Psychology 11 – 4 credits (off-timetable)

Grade 12: 8 credits – two courses:

  • Course Work: Psychology 12 – 4 credits
  • Applied Work: Sessions in Applied Psychology 12 – 4 credits (off-timetable)

UFV Mentorship Program: Students will be paired with a UFV student with whom they will co-participate in off-timetable sessions and attend placement work with.

Surrounding Feeder Schools: Students will complete a placement in a surrounding school (either elementary or middle), with their UFV mentor, to complete an eight lesson program called BSER (Building Social Emotional Resiliency). Preparation is done through Saturday sessions and with UFV mentor.

Students will receive a certificate of recognition upon completion of the three year Human Services Career Enrichment Program, signed and recognized by all participating partners.

Course Brochure


  1. Fill out the application form (available through CSS website, counselling center, and school program facilitator).
  2. Include required program courses on CSS course selection form.
  3. Attend mandatory student parent meeting (September of each year).