School Growth Plan

Steps to developing the CSS growth plan (2016 - 2021).  This document is aligned with the district goals and is a "green" document to reflect the changing needs of the CSS community.

1.  CSS staff reviewed the district priorities and goals.

2.  Staff generated a list of activities that reflect the ways in which CSS is currently working on the district priorities and goals 

3.  CSS parents advisory council (PAC) has had opportunities to review and contribute to the document.

4.  CSS department heads reviewed this information.

5.  CSS students have contributed to this document through various surveys.

6.  This information is summarized as goals for the school growth plan. Please note that revisions will continue  to be made to this document as needed.

Click to view the CSS Growth Plan 2016 - 2021

Information & Announcements

SD 33 Townhall Meeting

The Chilliwack School District's Senior Team will host a special meeting for parents/guardians to speak about the district's 2020-21 Back to School Plan under Stage 2 of the government's K-12 Restart framework. The district team will also talk about what to expect in the upcoming school year locally in our Chilliwack schools and provide opportunities for parents to ask questions.  Click here for more details.

Student Dress Code

Clothing should be suitable for a school learning environment. Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for students to participate safely in all school activities including physical education, science, cooking, and shops. Clothing should demonstrate a respect for the school community and the B.C. Human Rights Code. For example, articles of clothing that promote direct or indirect messages or graphics referring to alcohol, drugs, gang culture, sex, weapons, violence, or profanity will not be permitted.

Code of Conduct

The School Community at Chilliwack Secondary is encouraged to act in a responsible and socially acceptable manner.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for the optimum learning experience for all our students and staff in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Field Trips
News and Events