Post Secondary Resources

We encourage students to consider their post-secondary plan as their first step on a career path. Indeed, the economic and technological outlooks tell us that many of the jobs these students will end up in have not yet been created. We talk with students about how they can identify and start to hone the employment skills that will make them valuable employees (such as those identified by the World Economic Forum), both while at the school and at university. We encourage them to seek post-secondary institutions that are a good fit for their individual attributes as a learner, program interests, finances and preferred living environment. We encourage them to select a university where they will thrive as students and as young adults embarking on a new life path.

EducationPlannerBC helps learners make well-informed decisions about their education and career options.

The Canadian University Report provided by the Globe and Mail provides a profile of Canadian universities.

A searchable database of study programs offered at Canadian universities at University Study.

Macleans University Rankings. Macleans University Application Checklist.

Government of Canada Job bank

Check out WorkBC for job possibilities and career-building strategies.  Career Trek has over 150 videos that bring careers to life.

Grad Planner and the BC Dogwood Planner and the Handbook of Procedures for the Graduation Program for up to date information from the Ministry on all things Graduation.

Post-Secondary BC Guide has downloads for students and parents.

The CSS Post-Secondary Planning Guide has all the information you need to plan your next step.

View the CSS Parents As Career Coaches Session 1. Join the TED Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims, on Raising Successful Kids.


Information & Announcements

Return to School Update

The B.C. government confirmed in their media release on August 24 that schools are returning to full-time in-person instruction this September. They also announced the updated Provincial COVID-19 Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 Settings, outlining the protocols that inform the safe operation of our schools this fall.

Here are some of the highlights:

Student Dress Code

Clothing should be suitable for a school learning environment. Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for students to participate safely in all school activities including physical education, science, cooking, and shops. Clothing should demonstrate a respect for the school community and the B.C. Human Rights Code. For example, articles of clothing that promote direct or indirect messages or graphics referring to alcohol, drugs, gang culture, sex, weapons, violence, or profanity will not be permitted.

Code of Conduct

The School Community at Chilliwack Secondary is encouraged to act in a responsible and socially acceptable manner.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for the optimum learning experience for all our students and staff in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

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